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Durable Coating Systems

Environmentally friendly durable coating system for water ingress prevention

This project is focused on the specification, formulation, application and testing of new coatings to produce a protection system to mitigate water ingress into Gas Distribution Network (GDN) governor pits. Gnosys has launched this project in close partnership with UK-based GDN operators.

A number of key gas distribution assets within GDNs are housed below the ground in closed but accessible “governor pits”. In many cases the pit constructions prove to be ineffective at preventing water ingress causing flooding and damage to the equipment and eventual asset failure. Therefore, it would be beneficial to permanently repair and seal damaged pits to prevent further water ingress and avoid unwanted disruptions to operation. Ideally, the solution should be based upon a well-established technology platform, require minimal training to use, be safe to handle, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

To solve these challenges Gnosys is developing following two potential coating solutions.

(a)    The use of a waterborne polymer coating which are cured with UV irradiation.

(b)   An approach based on hydrophilic thermoplastic elastomers (h-TPEs) deployed by either viscous fluid or a melt spray deposition.

Both systems are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable solution to the aforementioned problem and avoid the use of toxic solvents or the generation of volatile organics (VOCs) that could potentially contaminate groundwater or appear as a health risk to GDN engineers and workers on site.


Contact point: Dr. Susmit Basu