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Gnosys Analytics

We offer a wide range of analytical services carried out to industry standards (thermal, spectroscopic, viscometric, titration, electrical and mechanical) at competitive rates with rapid turnaround times and concise, effective reporting. We also offer mobile and on-site capabilities with our process centred, bespoke laboratory. More in-depth analysis is available on request.

Our services

Thermal Characterisation including:

  • Thermal stability decomposition studies, thermal ageing (TGA)
  • Glass transition temperature, melting profile studies crystallisation and curing studies (DSC- including cryo, DMA*)
  • Thermal conductivity including temperature dependence

Spectroscopy (both onsite and portable/mobile)

  • FTIR
  • Raman
  • Wide wavelength, UV-vis-NIR (including intrascope spectroscopy)

Chemometrics is an option which can be used with your spectroscopy data.  This provides a link between spectroscopic data and material properties (e.g. tensile strength, viscosity) for prediction and quality control purposes.

Mechanical Properties such as:

  • Tensile strength, modulus, elongation at break for polymeric materials
  • Shore hardness testing (Durometer)
  • Puncture and scratch testing

We can prepare a range of polymer samples for testing, please contact us to discuss requirements.

Electrical Properties such as:

  • Permittivity, dielectric loss, tan δ (Dielectric Spectrometer)
  • Electrical insulation testing
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Electrical breakdown strength*


  • Viscosity
  • Shear rate (Brookfield viscometer with temperature controlled test chamber)

Functional Group Determination

  • Hydroxyl, acid, amine, epoxide, isocyanate numbers (Potentiometric titration)

Water Content Determination

  • Karl Fischer titration to ascertain the water content of a given material.


  • Optical
  • Electron (SEM / TEM with EDX)*

*These services can be provided as part of a tailored analytical package using facilities at local Universities

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific requirements further, please contact a member of our analytical team for additional information and a quotation.