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GnoSys emerged from the Polymer Research Centre (PRC) at the University of Surrey in 2006. The experience of the PRC staff and particularly Prof. Gary Stevens, produced a dynamic research and development company.

GnoSys emerged from the Polymer Research Centre (PRC) at the University of Surrey in 2006. The experience of the PRC staff and its associates, and particularly Prof. Gary Stevens and Dr Henryk Herman in industrial research and in private and publically funded research, development and consultancy projects, has produced a small, highly innovative and dynamic research and development company. In 2011, GnoSys UK Ltd. changed it's name to GnoSys Global Ltd. to better reflect it's client base.

The core development and consultancy activities are complemented by two specialist development areas:  

Ecometrics is a division of GnoSys and offers industrial clients sophisticated and highly integrated economic and environmental analysis methods and tools. The Ecometrics suite of solutions combines a wide range of established and emerging techniques to provide unique insights into the true costs, risk and environmental impacts of industrial products, processes and operations. Ecometrics was launched to focus the group and its clients on the growing need for integrated economic, environmental and risk evaluation and reduction in the modern business environment. The Ecometrics team are experienced in a wide range of industries, products and processes where requirements such as whole- life assessment and the production of LCAs or environmental product declarations are needed.

TranSpec Analytics is another division of GnoSys which specialises in the measurement and analysis of materials, their composition, properties and performance in products and in large capital assets. The analysis technology and techniques are non-destructive and optical fibre based spectroscopic methods with powerful analysis and reporting software. Working closely with the polymer and power industries, we recently introduced two TranSpec analysers which are enabling new approaches to materials investigations, formulation and development and quality assurance, through to the inspection and condition assessment of large capital assets where efficient large area assessment is possible and where the measurements can be directly related to condition assessment and likelihood of failure.