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The NanocompEIM project was funded by the Technology Strategy Board in January 2012. It is a collaboration between Alstom Grid UK Ltd, Gnosys Global Ltd, University of Southampton and Mekufa (UK) Ltd. National Grid, Scottish Power and Scottish and Southern Electric Transmission are also collaborating with the project as UK transmission system operators.

Project Aims

  1. To gain an understanding and practical experience of the production of nanodielectric materials for potential application in HV transmission and distribution equipment.
  2. To develop a set of materials design and process rules to achieve the reliable production of high performance materials.
  3. To develop production strategies to produce materials with defined controlled dispersion and interfacial characteristics.
  4. To achieve property and performance enhancements centred on the construction of quantitative structure propertyâ€┬Éprocess relationships (QSPPRs).
  5. To use the newly developed set of materials design and processing rules and adoption in the production of practical nanodielectric electrical insulation systems.
  6. To demonstrate material scalability between laboratory produced nanocomposites and their use in power equipment.

More information is available on


Nanocomposite Thermosetting Materials for HVDC Applications [Poster from ICSD 2013 (PDF)]

New Generation Nanocomposite Materials for HVDC Applications [Poster from Low Carbon Networks  Fund Conference (PDF)]

Contact Point: Nicola Freebody