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Smart Ships

Developing an integrated ship performance monitoring solution.

Gnosys is working with its partner Azurtane to develop an integrated ship performance monitoring solution.  Complex data, including CO2 and SO2 concentrations from exhaust and fuel flow data, are captured on-board ocean vessels and combined with GPS data to provide a smart view of a ship's performance.

Azurtane has identified that a solution-based approach must provide dynamic real-time advice that then enables owners, operators and ships’ officers to be able to respond immediately to compliance and efficiency requirements.  Every vessel type has different priorities with respect to compliance and efficiency.  A local ferry for example will require specific efficiency information whilst the needs of a cruise liner or container ship will have widely different solutions.  Each system is individually tailored to the specific ship’s requirements and needs.

Gnosys currently provides the mechanical and software controls that bring these many ship sensors together, and provides the software platform for gathering, processing, interpreting and distributing the data and the knowledge that comes from that ensuring the advice is relevant, accurate, practical and can immediately be translated into action and solutions.

Contact Point: Ben Philpot